TinderA security firm revealed Wednesday that a vulnerability on the popular dating app Tinder made it possible for an attacker with some know-how to pinpoint users’ precise locations. Tinder was made known of this security flaw Oct. 23 and the hole was patched up before the new year, according to Max Veytsman from the Include Security firm. The Tinder app shows how far potential mates are relative to a user in miles, but Veytsman discovered through the company’s API that it was giving out detailed locations down to 15 decimal places, or approximately 100 feet. With this information, Inside Security built a web application to triangulate and pinpoint users’ precise locations. Tinder “is leaking some location information that an attack can exploit,” wrote Veytsman in a blog post.

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"Researchers: Dating App Tinder Revealed Users’ Exact Location Last Year" by @ShellyPalmer

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