Verizon and Netflix

Verizon and NetflixIt was revealed over the weekend that Netflix and Comcast had struck a historic deal: for the first time the streaming-video service would pay the cable giant in order to ensure that the huge volume of data it was sending would arrive swiftly and smoothly in customers’ homes. This came after months of Netflix traffic performing increasingly poorly on Comcast’s network. Also at issue is the massive increase in the last few years of Netflix’s size; it grew to encompass roughly one-third of all internet data piped across the United States during prime-time video-viewing hours. Verizon’s CEO wasted no time in announcing that the company expected to strike a similar bargain. On CNBC this morning Verizon’s chief Lowell McAdams revealed that Netflix and Verizon have been in talks for almost a year now, and that he expects to finalize a deal soon.

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"Verizon’s CEO Thinks Netflix Will Pay Them for Smoother Streaming, Too" by @ShellyPalmer

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