On Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court will spend one hour hearing the latest arguments in an old, important debate that affects everyone watching television in the US: who owns the airwaves? ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and others use the broadcast frequencies our TV antennas pick up, the government regulates those frequencies, and cable companies pay broadcasters to re-broadcast those frequencies, but the answer to who owns them remains nebulous. That is at the heart of today’s case — “American Broadcasting Companies, Inc., et al. v. Aereo, Inc.” — being decided by the highest court in the United States. And the decision stands to leave a massive impact on how Americans consume television, regardless of which side wins. Aereo charges customers $8/month to rent a physical antenna in a remote location that offers local channels and cloud DVR service, which is then streamed live to smartphones, tablets, and computers.

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"Aereo at the Supreme Court: Everything You Need to Know" by @ShellyPalmer

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