Android-Powered HP Laptop

Android is everywhere, from smartphones to tablets to smartwatches to in-car entertainment units, but for some reason it’s never quite taken off on one of the oldest form factors in the business: the laptop. While Android laptops exist in hybrid form, either as a secondary add-on to a tablet or emulated through Windows, HP is set to launch what appears to be the first natively-powered Android laptop. The HP Slate 14 sports a 14-inch touchscreen powered by a Tegra processor of unknown speed, though it’s likely the aging Tegra 4 rather than the unreleased Tegra K1. The keyboard itself looks to be similar to what the company offers on many of its other low-end laptops, but that it is running Android is interesting: the OS has always been friendly to other forms of input, including a mouse and keyboard, and we’ve seen Android work well with a touchpad before in models like the Asus Transformer.

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"Leaked HP Video Reveals Upcoming Android-Powered Laptop" by @ShellyPalmer

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