Atari Excavation

Atari Excavation

The legend was true. Atari really did dump a bunch of E.T. and other Atari 2600 cartridges and paraphernalia into a landfill 30 years ago. On Saturday, a team of video game archaeologists recovered the proof. With the wind at full blast out in the New Mexico desert, CAT tractors pulled heap after heap of waste from a 30-year-old landfill. It smelled faintly of sewage, and dust was everywhere. Occasionally the tractor dumped a heap off to the side in a cleared space, prompting a gaggle of men in hard hats and safety vests to gather around. This team was hired by Fuel Entertainment and Xbox Entertainment Studios to analyze the contents of the landfill, which legend has always said contained truckloads of Atari games, consoles, or factory waste. The two production companies intend to make a documentary on the history of Atari, set to debut sometime this year.

Read the full story at Ars Technica.

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"Video Game Excavation Uncovers Tons of Atari 2600 Games and More" by @ShellyPalmer

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