Kids on the Internet

Kids and Screens

With kids in the US clocking in screen time like it’s a full-time job — they spend on average seven hours a day in front of some sort of screen — researchers at Iowa State University decided to investigate what sort of effects, if any, parental monitoring of all that screen time might have. What they found may seem obvious, but they say it’s actually difficult for parents to see the benefits. First, the obvious: After analyzing the media habits of more than 1,300 4th and 5th graders over a seven-month period in Iowa and Minnesota, researchers found that when parents monitor their kids’ screen time, those kids spend less time in front of a screen and less time exposed to violent media. What’s less obvious, they write this week in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, is what happens next: In small (and thus subtle) increments, kids get more sleep, perform better in school both academically and behaviorally, and register lower body mass indexes and fewer obesity risks.

Read the full story at CNET.

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