Today’s fastest 802.11ac routers deliver throughput speeds on par with hardwired gigabit-ethernet connections. That might seem slow by next year, when Quantenna Communications launches its new Wi-Fi chipset. Most wireless chipsets on the consumer market today can send and receive three spatial data streams simultaneously (these are known as 3×3 MIMO chipsets). Current 3×3 802.11ac routers, such as the new Linksys WRT-1900AC, deliver data throughput up to 1.3Gbps on the 5GHz frequency band. Asus announced at CES that its upcoming RT-AC87U router, based on Quantenna’s existing QSR1000 4×4 MIMO chipset, will deliver throughput up to 1.7Gbps. On Tuesday, Quantenna announced that it’s working on an 8×8 MIMO chipset that will deliver throughput of an astounding 10 gigabits per second when it ships in 2015.

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