T-Mobile plans to abolish overage charges across its US consumer plans starting May 1st. The latest “Uncarrier” move isn’t as drastic or game-changing as it initially sounds, however; T-Mobile already phased out most overage charges with the introduction of its Simple Choice plans. Rather than hit subscribers with extra fees, the company instead slows down data speeds once customers run past their monthly allotment — a practice known as throttling. Still, Monday’s announcement could benefit customers on some of the carrier’s legacy plans, as CEO John Legere notes that the new policy applies to all consumer plans, not just Simple Choice. “We’re putting an end to the fear of getting one too many pics or clicking on one too many links — and bam, you’re hit with overages. Not at the Uncarrier,” Legere said in his latest brazen blog post.

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"T-Mobile is Ending Overage Charges Starting May 1" by @ShellyPalmer

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