Looking for a cheap smartphone plan that favors talking over browsing? T-Mobile just rolled out an entry-level plan that lets you talk or text all you want, but limits you to 500MB of un-throttled high-speed data, for $40 a month. The Simple Starter plan’s 500MB of 4G LTE with tethering follows T-Mobile’s strategy of not charging overages; if you blow past your data limit, you get throttled down to slower data speeds. Simple Starter also qualifies for T-Mobile’s offer to pay your early termination fee if you switch from another carrier. That $40-a-month price tag makes Simple Starter notably cheaper than Verizon 1GB and AT&T’s 2GB bottom-shelf plans, both of which offer unlimited talk and text for $60. T-Mobile is quick to point out that other carriers’ plans involve overage charges if you exceed the (pretty low) data caps.

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"T-Mobile Launches New Low-Cost ‘Simple Starter’ Plan" by @ShellyPalmer

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