Groupon Gnome

Coupon-providing middleman Groupon is going to provide a point-of-sale device to nearly all of its merchants. According to a press release posted on Monday, the checkout system, called Gnome, will be iPad-based and will cost $10 per month, and any business that offers a deal through Groupon will be expected to use it. Gnome also will also include payment processing, which brings Groupon into direct competition with companies like Square and PayPal. Groupon’s payment processing will nick 1.8 percent of the price of goods sold through it, plus a 15-cent transaction fee for Visa and Mastercard purchases. Groupon already sold a point-of-sale product, called Breadcrumb, but it cost $100 monthly for a single iPad rental in addition to payment processing fees. Bundling the software with Groupon’s deal product for cheap makes total sense.

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"Groupon to Give iPad-Based Cash Registers to Many of Its Merchants" by @ShellyPalmer

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