Clothes are the original “wearables,” but Intel wants to make them smarter. At the Code Conference on Wednesday, the company showed off a shirt with conductive fibers for tracking your heart rate. Designed by partner AIQ, the shirt uses Intel’s Edison development board to stream EKG information over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The box of electronics plugs into the shirt when you’re using it, and then unplugs when you need to wash. While most of us probably wouldn’t need to monitor our heartrate on a regular basis, this shirt is built with cyclists in mind. Other uses could include monitoring kids and elderly folks to make sure they’re safe. Intel’s head of new devices Mike Bell wouldn’t say how much the shirt will cost when it arrives this summer, but from the sound of it, it will be targeted toward fitness geeks with some cash to burn.

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"Intel and AIQ to Launch a ‘Smart Shirt’ This Summer" by @ShellyPalmer

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