Apple vs. Samsung

Apple and Samsung

After three full days of deliberations, a jury in San Jose, California found that Samsung had infringed upon two Apple patents, and that it owed the Cupertino company $119,625,000 in damages. But it also found that Apple had infringed on one of Samsung’s two patents, and owed $158,400 as a result. In a decision, the jury said Samsung primarily infringed on two of Apple’s five patents, the ‘647 and ‘721 patent covering features that turned addresses and phone numbers into links, and Apple’s slide to unlock patent respectively. On the flip side, the jury said three models of the iPhone, and two models of the iPod touch infringed on a Samsung patent covering a photo and video gallery feature. Both numbers are minuscule when compared to the original amounts sought by both companies. Apple originally wanted $2.191 billion in damages, targeting 10 Samsung devices for infringing five patents.

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"Court: Samsung Owes Apple $119 Million for Patent Infringements" by @ShellyPalmer

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