Apple has yet to enter the wearables market, but it looks like that time is near. A recent leak out of Cupertino says Apple’s next set of EarPods – the headphones that come with every new iPhone – will feature sensors that measure your heart rate and blood pressure. The headphones will also use Apple’s iBeacon system, and will help you locate them if you can’t remember where you last left them. The leak also says these headphones will need a little more juice and will require you to plug them into the iPhone’s Lightning connector as well. As with all things Apple, unannounced products have no release date or timetable, but these new headphones likely to see the light of day sometime this fall, alongside the launch of the next iPhone – around the same time we should see iOS 8, the newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. iOS 8 is expected to have a Healthbook app to help you track your fitness and quantify your life, making these headphones a perfect wearable accessory.

UPDATE: Since this radio spot was recorded, the leak has been proven inaccurate. While we may see headphones like this in the future — as well as an emphasis on health by Apple — this current leak has been proven false.

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