The best defense against bike thieves is to own a bike that no one would want to steal and use a lock that’s just good enough to make it inconvenient. But if you must have nice things, a good bike lock is essential. There are many options: U-locks, cables, chains, and now, electronic locks that offer a few extra features that can make your ride safer and smarter. Skylock isn’t the first bike lock to substitute a wireless signal for a key, but it’s beautifully designed and feature-rich. The lock was created by Velo Labs, a cycling tech startup founded by engineers from Boeing and Jawbone. The Skylock is their first product, but it’s not ready for retail: the company is announcing a $50,000 crowdfunding campaign to get the first locks out to customers by early 2015. The main attraction of the Skylock is keyless entry, which works over Bluetooth short-range wireless signals.

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"Skylock is a Keyless, Solar-Powered, Theft-Deterring Bike Lock" by @ShellyPalmer

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