If you’re looking for some seasonal work this summer, listen up. Snagajob recently shared the results from its 2014 Summer Hiring Survey of 250 employers responsible for hiring hourly employees in the retail, hospitality and food service industries. With over 300,000 job postings available at any one time on Snagajob, you can search for specific jobs by title, industry or company and filter your results by specific locations; you can also sign up for daily job alert emails. Here is what people can expect as they seek out summer employment:

Summer Wages will Surpass Obama’s Proposed Minimum Wage Increase

  • The average reported wage for summer workers in 2014 is $10.39, that’s 29 cents above President Obama’s proposed federal minimum wage increase from $7.25 to $10.10.
  • Employers in the hospitality industry will pay highest average wage for summer employees: $10.89; food-service: $10.43; and retail: $10.07.

Majority of Employers Looking to Hire:

  • Seventy-four percent of employers anticipate hiring summer workers this year and, of those, only 14 percent anticipate hiring a fewer number of employees than last summer.
  • On average, employers expect to hire 25 summer workers, of which 78 percent will be new workers that are not returning from a prior season.
  • Among employers not planning on hiring summer workers, the number one reason is they expect current staff to carry any additional workload.

Start Searching Early!

  • Seventy-four percent of employers who plan to hire summer workers expect to have those positions filled by the end of May; seven percent have already filled summer positions.
  • When asked about anticipated applicant volume in 2014 versus 2013, 58 percent of employers expect volume to be about the same as last year and 33 percent expect it to be greater than last year.

Positive People Have a Leg-up:

  • A positive attitude and eagerness to have the job was named by 42 percent of respondents as the most important characteristic employers look for in a summer employee.
  • The ability to work the daily schedule needed was most important to 25 percent of employers.
  • Seventeen percent of employers name experience as the top requirement, and 16 percent say a commitment to stay all summer is most important.

Location Matters:

  • On average, workers in the Western part of the country will earn the highest hourly wage: $11.10; followed by $10.43 in the Midwest, $10.19 in the East and $9.60 in the South.
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"Survey: Snagajob Discovers the Hottest Seasonal Employment Areas" by @ShellyPalmer

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