Xbox One

Xbox One

Microsoft will start selling its new console, the Xbox One, without the Kinect sensor, eliminating one of the biggest criticisms of the new machine and allowing for a significantly lower cost of entry. The new Kinect-free Xbox One will retail for $399. The console launched last November for $500, $100 more than the rival PlayStation 4, which did not come with a bundled sensor. Microsoft had bet that consumers, game creators and titans of industry would all benefit from a console that came bundled with the newest iteration of a sensor array that can react to voice and gestural commands, but with few games making use of the new Kinect in any recommendable away, the sensor had come to seem like a $100 tax with little immediate benefit. The Xbox One’s most prominent game, Titanfall, doesn’t use the Kinect at all. Microsoft has released some Kinect-only Xbox One games for the Xbox One, including Kinect Sports Rivals.

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