Food Rescue

Food Rescue

It turns out that us Brits are a wasteful bunch. Studies suggest we’re throwing out as much as £60 worth of food and drink each month when we could be putting it to better use. Instead of trying to convince you to head over to one of its stores to replenish your supplies, Sainsbury’s has teamed up with Google to create a tool that provides suggestions on how to use the food you’d otherwise be chucking out. It’s called Food Rescue, and Google plays a small but vital role in proceedings by lending the same voice-recognition tech that powers its search engine to the supermarket’s new mobile and online tool. When you visit the website, you can say (or type) what foodstuffs you have an it’ll find a range of recipes that use those ingredients. In a bid to get more people involved, the supermarket chain will record the weight of food rescued and calculate the money saved in each recipe.

Read the full story at Engadget.

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"Google and Sainsbury’s ‘Food Rescue’ Helps Fight Wasted Food" by @ShellyPalmer

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