A while ago, we posted about information we’d received indicating that sometime soon, Google’s search functionality (and other actions) would be expanding beyond the Search app, moving into other apps for device-wide search interaction and – eventually – app-specific functionality. It appears that isn’t the only Search trick Google is working on, though. According to the information available to us, Google is working on functionality for now known as KITT (get it?) or “Android Eyes Free” internally. This functionality would allow users to interact with Search without touching or even looking at their device, getting just what they want without any distraction. Before we get started, I’ll answer the question on everyone’s mind – yes, it looks like Google is poised to open up “always-on” listening for the “Ok, Google” hotword.

Read the full story at Android Police.

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"Rumor: Google is Working on Eyes-Free Search for the Car" by @ShellyPalmer

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