You’ve heard this before: live-tweeting can increase your social media engagement, expand your network, build brand awareness and position you as an industry authority. The list goes on. I’ve live-tweeted every conference I’ve attended for the past couple of years. I thought I followed the best practices. I would take a picture of the panel, tag speakers, use the event #hashtag and post it on Twitter. Over the course of the conference I would get a couple of interactions and occasionally a new follower. Nothing major. Going into 2014 I decided to take my social media presence to the next level and put the rules of the live-tweeting game to the test. First, I decided to be much more strategic about which conferences I would attend throughout 2014. Expand your horizons by going to places and events you have never been to before.

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"How to Live Tweet an Event Without Annoying Your Followers" by @ShellyPalmer

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