At Monday’s WWDC conference, Apple made a string of announcements that essentially turns all your devices into one, synchronized, Apple-fueled monster. The most notable of these is the fact that Apple is more or less literally turning you computer into a second phone, allowing you to receive both calls and texts on your Mac. The new Messages feature is definitely the coolest (or at the very least, the most long-awaited) part, though, is the cure to the dreaded iMessage green bubbles. Before, any of your non-Apple ecosystem friends would be imprisoned in your phone; there was no way to access them on any other devices that run Messages. Now, though, your phone will act as a relay, sending all messages to all of your other devices. You’ll also receive notifications on your computer any time you receive a call, displaying both the caller ID and the option to accept the call on speakerphone.

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"Apple Just Let Your MacBook Play a Lot Nicer With Your iPhone" by @ShellyPalmer

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