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Philips Hue Widget

By announcing support for widgets in the iOS 8 Notification Center this week, Apple opened the doors to a world of possibilities that Android users have long enjoyed. To help show off how widgets will make iOS 8 more useful, Philips is already showing off a concept prototype of a widget that can easily control its intelligent Hue lightbulbs. The company tweeted out a screen image of its concept on Thursday, and you can see how simple it could be to turn your Hue lights off or even change their color based on a scene or mood. While you can already take similar actions with the Hue app for iOS, a widget like this could be just one swipe away: In iOS 8, pulling down the Notification Center will show any installed widgets on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. There’s no reason to open an app if a widget can do what’s needed.

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"Philips Shows Off an iOS 8 Widget to Control ‘Hue’ Bulbs" by @ShellyPalmer

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