Social News Consumption

Among people in the U.S. who say they use social media to get news at least once a week, 37% said they get it from Facebook. In the same group, 65% said they used Facebook for other purposes — people who use Facebook often tended to get news from the site often enough, too. Not as much when it comes to YouTube, though. Some 17% said they got news there once a week — making it the No. 2 social-media destination cited in the survey. But that compared with 59% who said they used the site for general purposes – a much wider gap when compared with Facebook. The data come from an online survey earlier this year of 2,197 people by Reuters Institute, which sought to find out which social-media sites news consumers used most. The data were charted by Statista.

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"Study: Facebook and YouTube Top Social Sites for News Consumption" by @ShellyPalmer

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