The first thing you’ll notice about Tile, the crowdfunded lost-item finder that attaches to bags, keys, bikes and more, is that it’s big. I mean, I know the company provided the device’s specs beforehand, but it’s still a surprise to see this large white square — bigger than a Wheat Thin and slightly smaller than a matchbook – sitting there in the black foam padding. The second thing you’ll notice, during setup, is that it’s musical. Yes, Tile actually plays a little song for you when you’re connecting it with your phone, and later, when it confirms it was successfully activated. What’s Tile? For those who need a reminder, Tile was a breakout, viral success story, demonstrating crowdfunding’s potential. The company raised $2.6 million via its Selfstarter campaign – far more than the $20,000 it was looking to initially raise, to top off the earlier $200,000 from Silicon Valley accelerator Tandem Capital.

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"Tile Helps Find Your Lost Items Through Song" by @ShellyPalmer

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