With a new Supreme Court ruling on the books, things are looking awfully grim for Aereo and all those tiny, cloud-friendly antennas it controls. That’s why CEO Chet Kanojia has temporarily turned off the television streaming service, and that’s why he’s asking for help. The beleaguered startup sent out an open letter encouraging all of us to email, tweet, and otherwise petition our land’s leaders to defend the right to use a “modern antenna located in the cloud” to watch all that free over-the-air content. “Today, I’m asking you to raise your hands and make your voices heard,” Kanojia wrote. “Tell your lawmakers how disappointed you are that the nation’s highest court issued a decision that could deny you the right to use the antenna of your choice to access live over-the-air broadcast television.” In case you somehow missed it, the Supremes overturned a lower court’s decision in Aereo’s favor last week.

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"Aereo Wants its Users to Fight the Supreme Court’s Ruling" by @ShellyPalmer

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