Misfit Beddit


Misfit Beddit

Fitness and health might be a landscape best defined by how products work together. Or, how they don’t. But it seems that fitness trackers and other wellness accessories are in a hurry to start dovetailing in 2014. Case in point: Misfit, makers of the Shine fitness tracker, have announced the Misfit Beddit Sleep System, a partnership with Beddit, a $149.99 (prices in the UK and AU are not available yet, but it converts to £85/AU$160) under-the-bed sleep tracker that offers deeper analysis than what’s already available when wearing a Shine on your wrist. Beddit isn’t new: it launched earlier this year as a thin, slide-under-the-mattress peripheral that’s sensitive enough to record heart rate, snoring, movement and breathing data. You don’t need to wear anything while using it, either: Beddit pairs with the Misfit app automatically via Bluetooth.

Read the full story at CNET.

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"Misfit and Beddit’s New Sleep System Helps Track Your Sleeping" by @ShellyPalmer

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