Ouya, the maker of a $99 video game system running on a modified version of Google’s Android mobile operating system, is going to great lengths to get players to buy into its platform — even if it means giving away 800 games for the price of one. Starting Monday, Ouya will offer access to its entire game library for a 12-month period, all for a nonrefundable fee of $59.99. The program, a $2,000 value, Ouya says, applies only to one-time purchases under $30 such as full-game unlocks and downloadable content. Gameplay-enhancing purchases that can be made more than once also are excluded. That leaves intact many of the microtransaction revenue streams for Ouya games, all of which are required by its platform to have some type of free-to-play mechanism to make titles more accessible to players. Buyers of the pass get a coupon code that, when redeemed, renders the cost of all applicable downloads as $0.00.

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"Ouya ‘All-Access’ Unlocks All Games for $59.99 Per Year" by @ShellyPalmer

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