It’s not uncommon for companies to arrive to the mobile market late. Sound identification service Shazam wasn’t late to mobile; it was late to the desktop. The company’s audio tagging technology has operated solely from Shazam mobile apps since 2008 (before that, it was a dial-up service). Only now, with the launch of Shazam’s first app for Mac, will users be able to identify a song, ad, or television clip from their desktop computers. Shazam for Mac is a tiny, quiet widget that sits on a computer’s menu bar. But when it detects a song or a television show, a small notification window appears to let the user know what she’s listening to. The app works for both audio within the microphone’s range and audio playing directly from the computer, regardless of headphone use.

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"Shazam Launches a Desktop Version of its App on Mac" by @ShellyPalmer

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