Why bother taking the time to count your calories when your microwave could do it for you? Researchers at General Electric have created a device that’s able to quickly figure out how many calories are in your food by analyzing its fat content, water content and weight. Using those numbers, it can then roughly figure out how many calories are in the food. The device isn’t part of any commercial product yet, but the researchers are optimistic because of recent breakthroughs in the field. So what’s the biggest roadblock right now? The device only works with substances that are the same consistency throughout, like blended foods and liquids. While that would work for some of the foods we eat, most of us aren’t on an eternal juice cleanse. GE’s researchers think they’ll be able to crack the code, and say if they’re able to bring a product like this to market, it’ll be able to scan your food in just one or two seconds. For now, we’ll just have to resort to reading food labels.

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