If you’ve been searching for a new way to look at your calendar, look no further than UpTo. UpTo, which launched on iOS in March and is now available on Android, adds an entirely new dimension to your upcoming schedule. UpTo offers a top-level view of your calendar and can expand to show upcoming events based on a whole bunch of factors — like your location, interests and more. Love sports? UpTo can show you when local teams are playing home games. Want to check out a new indie band to impress your friends? UpTo can provide a list of local concerts.

On the surface, UpTo offers a great way to manage your existing calendar through a fast and familiar view of what you’ve got on your schedule. But UpTo can also expand to reveal thousands of public calendars you can follow with events you can quickly add to your¬†calendar with a simple swipe. You can also share upcoming events with your friends (and their UpTo calendar). And don’t worry about privacy; unlike other apps that make sharing events an “all or nothing” venture, UpTo lets you pick and choose exactly who will get your invite.

UpTo offers automatic two-way sync with any existing Google, iCloud, Exchange, Facebook or other calendar that syncs with your phone. If you sync multiple calendars, you can pick which layer each calendar will appear on.

UpTo also offers functionality for groups and organizations, which can publish and manage calendar content for others to follow, while also having the ability or embed their UpTo calendar into any website to position their events for maximum engagement in front of fans and constituents.

UpTo is available for free for iPhone and Android. To download (or learn more), visit www.upto.com.


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"Calendar App ‘UpTo’ Turns Your Smartphone Into a Personal Assistant" by @ShellyPalmer

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