CBS is working on shows that you won’t see on CBS. Instead, the plan is for you to see them on the Internet, via video services like Netflix or Amazon’s Prime Instant Video. If that happens, it means CBS will have opened up a new revenue source: In addition to selling its reruns to Netflix and its competitors, it will also be selling them brand-new shows those services can stream exclusively. CBS CEO Les Moonves, reading from a script during his company’s earnings call yesterday, announced that CBS’s TV studio “will be producing more and more shows for more and more outlets, including major streaming companies and other emerging distributors.” Later on in the call, in response to an analyst question, he said that “shortly, you’re going to hear us being in business with some of the [subscription video-on-demand services] with original program[s].”

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"CBS Will Soon Start Creating Original Shows for Streaming Companies" by @ShellyPalmer

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