Lyft’s handy for a night on the town or while you’re running errands, but the ridesharing startup wants to be a more regular part of your day–twice a day, preferably. Targeting commuters, Lyft introduced a new product in San Francisco on Wednesday. The new feature, Lyft Line, groups multiple rides along the same route. Using this carpool-like model, the company said Lyft Line will offer discounted fares that are 30% to 60% lower than a regular Lyft ride. The announcement comes shortly after Uber debuted a similar product Tuesday night. UberPool, fares for which can be 40% cheaper than an UberX ride, is rolling out gradually in beta. “The biggest rival to us today is public transportation,” cofounder Logan Green said (perhaps this was a jab at Uber).

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"Lyft and Uber Launch New Apps to Carpool With Strangers" by @ShellyPalmer

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