As it sits right now, Netflix is one of the better streaming experiences available. Every couple of months, the company holds a “Hack Day” where the product development and technical teams fool around with the innards of Netflix in order to try out fun new things. The last couple of events like this have yielded some fun things, but the results of this most recent event has created several things that Netflix really should be implementing immediately. While there are several apps out there that try to match your Hue lights to whatever is happening on the television, there’s an inherent disconnect when the provider of the video and the controller of the lights aren’t the same app. Sync issues or even flat out lag can happen, and that creates a less-than-great experience. Netflix Hue works with the same basic concept, where it grabs whatever the dominant color is being shown on the screen and sets the Hue bulbs to match.

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"Netflix’s Hack Day Leads to Three Very Awesome Ideas" by @ShellyPalmer

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