Potato Salad

A Kickstarter project to create a batch of potato salad closed this weekend. Potato Salad was successfully funded at $55,492, or $55,482 more than its original goal of $10. The creator, Zack Danger Brown of Columbus, Ohio, has promised to fulfill all of the Kickstarter’s rewards and stretch goals (including making 10 times the original planned amount, photos of Brown making the potato salad, video proof of him saying the names of backers while making the potato salad, and even a potato salad trucker hat.) However, the enormous success of the project left Brown with more than enough money to make all the potato salad (and options). So he’s putting the funds toward a free “PotatoStock 2014” gathering in Columbus and, more seriously, making a significant contribution to a civic foundation with the goal of helping Columbus-area nonprofits end hunger and homelessness.

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"Kickstarter’s Potato Salad Project Ends With More Than $55,000 in Funding" by @ShellyPalmer

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