The e-paper screens you find on devices like the Kindle have many benefits, but their use has been fairly limited. A company called Visionect has developed a new platform designed to open up e-paper screens to a world of new uses. The V-Platform lets developers build and manage apps designed for e-paper screens as if they were traditional web apps. The apps are all designed for Visionect’s V-Tablet, which is designed to last a long time with its killer battery life. So where could these devices be used? Imagine you’re hosting an event, and want to keep its attendees up to date with the latest schedule. The V-Platform lets you push info wirelessly to the V-Tablets, keeping them updated with the latest information and keeping everyone at the event informed. The V-Tablets have also found a home in museums, where their lack of light pollution comes in very handy. They’re also able to display any information for visitors, further enhancing the museum experience and giving museum operators real-time feedback about guest activity.

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