An Internet Roundup of iOS 8 Tips, Tricks and Guides

iOS 8

iOS 8

Just about every other tech site is posting awesome things you can do with iOS 8. Instead of re-posting them all individually, here’s a collection, plus a brief synopsis. Have fun!


Did you know iOS 8 has widgets? It’s true! Giga OM put together a handy guide, and Gizmodo did, too. The widgets aren’t nearly as useful as they are on Android, but it’s a step in the right direction, huh?


Sort of similar to widgets (in a way), iOS 8 also added in the ability for app extensions. You’ll be able to take advantage of one app’s features in another app altogether. Neat! Giga OM has more.

Best Hidden Features

There are so many little things that are cool about iOS 8 that you probably won’t find them all for a while. Have no fear, the internet is here! The Verge put together a handy guide. Gizmodo’s Field Guide put together a similar list, though slightly different — Field Guide listed 25 things iOS 8 can do that iOS 7 can’t. It’s the future!

Backing Up and Updating

And just in case you DON’T have iOS 8 yet, Gizmodo has you covered once again. Here’s a reminder how to back up your iOS 7 device, and here’s a complete guide to updating.

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