Shelly Palmer

Netflix Streaming Quality on FiOS and AT&T U-Verse is Now Improving

Months after Comcast upgraded its subscribers’ Netflix performance, AT&T and Verizon have finally followed suit. The average Netflix stream on Verizon FiOS hit 2.41Mbps in August, up from 1.61Mbps in July, Netflix said today in its monthly speed test update. AT&T’s U-verse service offered average Netflix performance of 2.61Mbps in August, up from 1.44Mbps in July. Netflix recommends 5Mbps for high-definition quality, but there is a lot of lower quality Netflix content that requires less throughput. The boost in the averages indicates that customers are getting high-quality streams more often. AT&T and Verizon DSL improved, too, but still lag behind. Netflix on Verizon DSL only streamed at an average of 1.31Mbps in August, compared to 0.97Mbps in July. AT&T’s DSL average was 1.81Mbps in August, up from 1.11Mbps in July.

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