They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but Scoopshot is turning pictures into actual money. Scoopshot, the world’s leading content syndication platform, connects media and brands with mobile and pro photographers. Aiming to provide a “crucial, visual storytelling link to communities” along with a “viable alternative to ineffective stock photography,” Scoopshot looks to engage communities and build brands through engagement.

So how does it work? With citizen journalism, crowdsourcing and on-demand photography here to stay, Scoopshot looks to “harness the power of the crowd” with more than 540,000 mobile users aim to capture breaking news events and submit marketing images for a brand to engage with media in a local or global community. Brands like Heineken, Fiat and Finnair are paying big bucks to get the authentic photos and videos taken by average consumers on their smartphones.

Scoopshot photographers are rewarded for their best images while responding immediately to geo-targeted assignments, globally, nationally or locally. One user of the app even made up to $20K with his work.


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