For all the variety that Netflix offers in its programming, its pre-stream browsing can be a little bland. A new Chrome extension called Flix Plus aims to improve that experience and make sure the next movie you watch is a great one.  One of Flix Plus’s biggest improvements is cleaning up Netflix’s suggestions. You know those rows of movies and shows Netflix suggests when you first fire up the app? Flix Plus lets you hide shows you’ve watched or rated, as well as those listed multiple times. You can also hide entire sections that don’t interest you at all. Flix Plus also hides spoiler images and text for TV episodes, helping make sure each episode is a surprise. For holdouts still using the “My List” page, Flix Plus adds improved sorting controls, more expiration warnings and a box that lets you write why you added that movie to your queue in the first place. To improve your Netflix experience, grab Flix Plus for free in the Chrome Web Store today.

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