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This morning, I asked ChatGPT to “write 200 words about why Facebook is warning it could ban news in the U.S. if Congress passes a bill that would require the platform to negotiate with and compensate publishers for their content – in the style of Shelly Palmer.” Here’s what it wrote:

As Facebook faces increasing pressure from lawmakers and regulators over its handling of misinformation and other controversial content, the company has warned that it could ban news altogether in the U.S. if Congress passes a bill that would require it to negotiate with and compensate publishers for their content.

The proposed Journalism Competition and Preservation Act would allow news publishers to collectively negotiate with online platforms such as Facebook and Google for compensation for their content, granting them an exemption from antitrust laws in the process.

Facebook argues that this bill would fundamentally change the relationship between the platform and publishers, potentially making it impossible for the company to continue offering news content on its platform. This warning serves as a reminder of the growing tensions between the tech industry and the news media, as they navigate the shifting landscape of digital content and advertising.

I think ChatGPT did a pretty good job presenting the facts. It didn’t write any snarky sentences, but I don’t always do that either. I will consider myself 80% replaced. Said differently, this is going to save me a serious amount of time every morning. Will you notice? No, because I’m going to use it to do the time-consuming part, and then I’ll add the snark. The time savings will be significant. Now, multiply this time savings by everyone who writes 250-500 words per day and you’ll start to see ChatGPT’s power and potential.

Author’s note: This is not a sponsored post. I am the author of this article and it expresses my own opinions. I am not, nor is my company, receiving compensation for it.

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