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Report: Apple Pay to Launch on October 18


An internal memo addressed to Walgreens employees designed to prepare them for the upcoming launch of Apple Pay suggests that Apple’s new payments service might be going live on Saturday, October 18. A Saturday launch is unusual, but it could make sense as Apple Pay is designed for in-store shopping and a weekend debut would […]

The Internet of Things and the Problem of Ownership

The Internet Of Things is coming. Rejoice! …Mostly. It will open our collective eyes to petabytes of real-time data, which we will turn into new insights and efficiencies. It will doubtless save lives. Oh, yes: and it will subtly redefine ownership as we know it. You will no longer own many of the most expensive […]

Kmart and Dairy Queen Say Payment Data Was Stolen

Kmart and Dairy Queen customers should check their credit- and debit-card statements for shady activity. That’s because the retailer and the fast-food chain have become the latest businesses to reveal that their payment systems were hacked. “Beginning in early September, the payment data systems at Kmart stores were purposely infected with a new form of […]

Your Snapchat Photos May Have Leaked, But Don’t Blame Snapchat

In the last day, news has been circulating that a database of some 200,000 Snapchat photos is being leaked after a third-party app used to save people’s otherwise-disappearing pictures got hacked. While some people argue over which third-party app is responsible for the breach, and whether the whole thing is actually a hoax, Snapchat has […]

Intel: Weak Privacy and Data Security is Hurting Innovation


Look at the technology space objectively, and you might realize it’s kind of in a weird place: Smartphones, fitness trackers and social networks have ushered us into an era of data — the location of our friends and family in real time, the ability to monitor our homes remotely, health tracking and everything that goes […]