Zach Superior

Zach Superior

Zach Superior graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts for television writing, but spends most of his time in HTML editors and Photoshop.

How AT&T is Pushing Away Its Most Loyal Customers


If you’re one of the roughly 17 million people grandfathered into an unlimited data plan with AT&T, chances are you’re not too happy right now. For the past few months, AT&T has been throttling speeds of those among the “top 5%” of data users with an unlimited plan. Data throttling shouldn’t be a surprise, as […]

Sprint, T-Mobile Promise 4G Tablets


Sprint and T-Mobile announced that their 4G service will roll out with currently undisclosed tablet devices. With the popularity of Internet-ready devices skyrocketing, these mobile carriers are promising an “aggressive 4G product lineup in 2011.” Will these tablets allow Sprint and T-Mobile to compete with the carriers hawking the iPad? Read the full article at […]

US Military’s Classified Documents Defense: Ban USB Sticks

In an attempt to limit the capabilities of personnel to leak classified documents, the US military has placed a ban on all removable storage. After losing the confidentiality of over 250,000 cables to a CD-R labeled Lady Gaga, is this precautionary measure enough to prevent future leaks or is it a superficial fix to a […]

MIT Creates Fiscally Responsible Wallets

MIT has released prototypes for hi-tech wallets that help monitor your spending habits. The wallet connects to its owner’s cell phone via bluetooth and then gathers data from your bank account. Each wallet has a unique feature that is built to deter or allow its owner’s spending, including the “Mother Bear” model that is harder […]

YouTube Most Hyped Social Network

Zeta Interactive’s Buzz Awards awarded YouTube top billing for most talked about social media site in 2010. The awards are based on mentions of the site on the top 125 social networking sites, taking into account positive and negative mentions as well as the volume of mentions. With Flickr trailing behind in second place, social […]