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Aggregating The War

There’s a video on YouTube simply called, “war.” is a home video of a trip down the stairs and into the street with alarm sirens blaring.  Perhaps it was made in Israel (as the descriptive tag “16.7.06 war in haifa. hisbllah attak haifa” suggests), perhaps it was made somewhere else –we cannot be sure. Is Continue Reading →
CAN YOU NAME A FEATURE that plain old telephone service (POTS) has that voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) telephone service does not? It’s pretty easy to do it in reverse. VoIP service has caller ID, voicemail, conference calling, call forwarding, etc., etc. But there is one feature that POTS lines have that most people are Continue Reading →
In my book, Television Disrupted: The Transition from Network to Networked TV (Focal Press; 1st edition, 2006), I spend some quality time explaining why (at some point in the near future) cable operators will need to open up their walled gardens and let their subscribers access files from the public Internet with their set-top boxes. Continue Reading →
IMAGINE THAT YOU ARE A professional observer with a magic telescope. Like ordinary telescopes, it lets you see things that are far away, but this one is attached to a magic screen, so I can use it to tell my story. On your magic screen, you see a farm in a distant land. Each morning Continue Reading →
ACCORDING TO AN ARTICLE BY Paul Tharp in the New York Post, the New York State Consumer Protection Board has its knickers in a knot over “It’s fairly easy to find [explicit] videos throughout the Internet, but it’s certainly another case for Google to organize these videos and present them so freely on a Continue Reading →
Sirius XM
ACCORDING TO A LAWSUIT FILED by the record labels, XM Satellite Radio’s XM + MP3 service is causing “Massive Wholesale Infringement.”  Ooo… that sounds bad!  The suit, filed May 16, 2006, alleges that the service is an improperly licensed “download service.”  Ouch! Having come from the music business, I get a little insulted when businesspeople Continue Reading →
33rpm Record
AMERICANS HAVE A LONG HISTORY of paying for convenience over quality. Sometimes it makes sense (i.e. plastic utensils or paper napkins) and sometimes it doesn’t (i.e. quick serve restaurants or .mp3 files). In general, it is hard to predict the quality/convenience ratio for average Americans. But let’s try. High fidelity (HiFi) audio started to appear Continue Reading →
A FEW WEEKS AGO I was having a typical advanced-media conversation with a C-level executive. During the conversation, she made the following declarative statement: “My six-year-old grandson does not know the difference between the television screen, the computer screen or the 9″ diagonal screen in the back of his parent’s SUV. To him it’s all Continue Reading →

Engaged Marketing

Targeted Marketing
I sat through a pitch the other day that made me smile. A biz dev guy, who I truly respect, put up a slide entitled “Engaged Marketing” and proceeded to explain the concept to me. I listened about as long as I could and then I covered the title and posed the question, “This slide Continue Reading →
I’M HERE AT THE NATIONAL Association of Broadcasters’ NAB 2006 show in Las Vegas, with 80,000 of my closest friends. On the tech side, it may look like business as usual–but if you know what you’re looking at, you can clearly see that versions of Moore’s Law and Metcalfe’s Law are actually starting to change Continue Reading →

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