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“For the past three months, an employee at Gawker Media has posted copyright videos sandwiched between ads for Gawker-owned properties such as Valleywag and Gizmodo.” This quote is from a very interesting article by Greg Sandoval and Stephen Shankland entitled: “Gawker Media mystery ads appear on YouTube.” If the allegations are true, a person using Continue Reading →
Voice Mail
I remember the day, back when the Earth was cooling, when I got my first up close and personal lesson in the fledging art of business voice mail etiquette. My client’s VP Sales had left me a message that made me barking mad. He was about to interfere with a program that had literally taken Continue Reading →
Optimum Triple Play
George Bernard Shaw once said, “Every profession is a conspiracy against the laity.” The media business is guilty as charged. I did not coin the phrase, “over the top,” but I did use it (with a brief explanation) in my column a couple of weeks ago. Apparently you do not have enough acronyms, portmanteaus and Continue Reading →
Wright Bros
There's a business school case study about the fledgling airline business in the early part of the 20th century. According to the story, after the Wright Brothers flew their airplane, some entrepreneurs decided that they should fund an aircraft company. They thought about where to get the money and decided to seek out one of the richest, most powerful corporations in America. They arrived at the offices of a giant railroad company and made their presentation. The executives listened attentively to the pitch and then summarily dismissed the nascent aviators, telling them, "We're in the railroad business, not the airline business." Continue Reading →

CES Over The Top

International CES
If you attended the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) expecting to see the new, new thing — you probably came away disappointed. For the untrained eye, the show looked like it was filled with iPod accessories, very nice flat screen TVs, very cool GPS and automotive audio/video stuff and a few more iPod accessories. Continue Reading →
Emmy Award
You can watch the 58th Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards Ceremony featuring the Advanced Media Technology Emmy Awards live on TVWorldwide. Awards ceremony on Monday, January 8th, 2007 10:00pm Eastern (7:00 Pacific) Click below to go directly to the TVWorldwide Website: Continue Reading →
Emmy Award
MYSPACE AND THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF TELEVISION PARTNER ON THE BROADBAND EMMY AWARDS MySpace Creates Unique Community Empowering Users to Submit Content for Consideration in the 2007 Broadband Emmy Awards LOS ANGELES – January 8, 2007 – MySpace, the world’s leading lifestyle portal, and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, presenters of the Continue Reading →
The crowd went wild as the first dot of glowing red light became visible from atop Stratton Mountain. It was the beginning of the traditional New Year’s Eve Torchlight Parade – about 100 ski instructors each holding a flare, skiing down the mountain in ever-larger synchronized S-turns. It was a truly beautiful sight. As they Continue Reading →

2006, 2007 and Beyond

Happy New Year!
As 2006 draws to a close, I thought it would be fun to list some of the key insights, take-aways and questions inspired by the “year of online video” and highlight some things to watch in 2007. Self Expression: The big news is that “you” are Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year.” In a stunning Continue Reading →
Music and Money
RIAA Seeks to Penalize Musicians for Industry Failures “Mechanical royalties currently are out of whack with historical and international rates,” RIAA executive vp and general counsel Steven Marks commented recently. “We hope the judges will restore the proper balance by reducing the rate and moving to a more flexible percentage rate structure so that record Continue Reading →

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