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People who are schooled in the art of the Internet or those who understand how computers work know that anytime you interact with a computer, your actions can (and probably will) be logged. The level of detail depends upon who is doing the logging, but it is not unreasonable to expect your log on time, Continue Reading →
Olympic Rings
Much has been written the last two weeks about why television ratings for NBC ‘ s Winter Olympic coverage have been so awful. One media executive, who asked not to be identified, opined that since there is not enough inventory to use for make-goods, he expects to see NBC giving cash back to undeserved advertisers. Continue Reading →
JUST BEFORE THE OPENING CEREMONIES of the Winter Olympics in Turin, Brian Williams spent a moment touting a remarkable technological achievement: NBC would broadcast its coverage of the games in HDTV. Williams went on to espouse the virtues of high-definition: 16×9 aspect ratio, richer, fuller colors–the whole sales pitch. I was very excited. After all, Continue Reading →

The Myth Of Personal Video

MY VIDEO IPOD LOVES ME! Unfortunately, I only like it “as a friend.” It all started last December when we met at a holiday party–the chemistry was extraordinary. It was sleek, beautiful and full of mystery (“Lost”), drama (“Law & Order”) and intrigue (“Desperate Housewives). It had a sense of humor (“SNL”) and even a Continue Reading →
THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE WHO have had some very sub-optimal experiences with PayPal. Personally, I have only had good experiences with the service. But, according to some of my closest friends and advisors, I may belong to a pretty small club. The following admonition comes from a very trusted source, my techno-geek brother, Jason. Here’s Continue Reading →

Sirius Pirates

Howard Stern
TO LISTEN TO HOWARD STERN’S new radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio, you need a satellite radio receiver and a paid subscription to the service–or do you? The show is being rebroadcast (albeit slightly delayed) on a bunch of “pirate” radio stations. It’s all over the Internet in the form of podcasts and progressively downloadable Continue Reading →
Super Bowl XL
On February 5, 2006 the ABC Television Network will broadcast its seventh Super Bowl live from Detroit’s Ford Field.  Since the 10 most-watched television broadcasts in history have all been Super Bowls, one can assume that this year ABC will also enjoy a very large live audience.  Last year’s game was viewed by 133.7 million Continue Reading →
International CES
The most interesting thing about CES 2006 (The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas) was my cab ride home from Kennedy Airport.  I struck up a conversation with my cab driver, and here’s what I learned. Amir Ramin, originally from Persia (the country we know as Iran) has been in the U.S. for over 22 Continue Reading →
It’s the dawn of a new year–filled with excitement, possibilities and promise. By now all of the new HDTV sets are hooked up, new iPods are formatted, iTunes accounts are set up, and BitTorrent 4.2.2 is properly installed. Let the media frenzy begin. Just one problem … according to studies by SA and Leichtman, over Continue Reading →
The Internet
Some major telcos have started lobbying our elected officials for the right to create a two-tiered Internet, “regular” and “premium.”  You guessed it, not only would the telcos get to charge everyone more for the faster service, they’d also get to deny the faster service to competitors.  Ouch! As you can imagine, the prospect of Continue Reading →

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