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We live in a world of democratized production. Anyone with a compelling idea can use ubiquitously available hardware and software to create remarkably popular content. Funtwo, for example, has enjoyed over 7 million views of a video he created with a home video camera (one camera position, very few edits). The subject of this video Continue Reading →
I JUST RECEIVED AN E-MAIL from a casual acquaintance. It is the end; she is desperate, helpless, with dignity gone. She writes: “ALL MY DATA IS GONE. Yes, it does hurt. Everything from the last 2 years. I cannot even put my head into it, because I would just go around and drink every single Continue Reading →
Airport Security
ACCORDING TO THE LOS ANGELES TIMES, the TSA says the recent terrorist scare has not affected its Registered Traveler program. That is truly too bad. For those of you who are not up on your airport security technology, Registered Traveler or “fast pass” is a catchall phrase for a group of security protocols that will Continue Reading →
More Candles, Less Trust?
They say, “If you remember the ’60s, you weren’t there.” Well, I remember the ’60s–I was in grade school, and it was a very interesting time to be a kid. I clearly remember the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley and the semi-infamous phrase, “Don’t trust anybody over 30.” This was the time of free Continue Reading →
Katie Couric
On September 5, 2006 Katie Couric will make broadcast history–not by becoming the anchor of the “CBS Evening News,” but by participating in the first network television newscast to metamorphose into a full-featured Internet simulcast. Sean McManus, President, CBS News and Sports, explains: “For people who can’t be in front of their televisions when the Continue Reading →
Threat Level: Red–London’s Heathrow Airport shut down due to an alleged terrorist plot to blow up 10 planes headed for the United States. Versions of that story have been all over the media for the past few days.  And, of course, they have been all over the blogosphere. Business as usual, right?  Well … not Continue Reading →
Sony Mylo
SONY JUST ANNOUNCED A NEW personal communications device called “mylo” (MY Life Online). It’s a Wi-Fi-based, PSP-shaped Instant Messenger with Web browsing, VoIP phone with MP3/Video playback capabilities. According to John Kodera, a director of product marketing at Sony, “Our mylo personal communicator lets you have the fun parts of a computer in the palm Continue Reading →
Radio Shack
I love Radio Shack.  I’ve been shopping there since I was a kid.  They have all of the stuff that techno-geeks crave.  Gear, toys, things you can build circuits with .–everything for the wirehead in all of us. That’s the good news.  Unfortunately, Radio Shack (like all retailers) has to compete for your hard-earned dollars Continue Reading →

Zuney Tunes

Microsoft has announced Zune, its new personal media brand and associated download service.  There is much speculation about the player and its features. Pundits are weighing in on the validity of the rumored “closed” system (similar to Apple’s iPod/iTunes environment)–good idea, bad idea? There will be video, but not until later, it will be wireless, Continue Reading →

Aggregating The War

There’s a video on YouTube simply called, “war.” is a home video of a trip down the stairs and into the street with alarm sirens blaring.  Perhaps it was made in Israel (as the descriptive tag “16.7.06 war in haifa. hisbllah attak haifa” suggests), perhaps it was made somewhere else –we cannot be sure. Is Continue Reading →

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