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Who’s Training Whom?

The relationship between humans and technology has always been dynamic, with each shaping and being shaped by the other. Which raises the question, how will we shape AI and how is it likely to shape us? Continue Reading →
Yesterday, NVIDIA released new AI upscaling technology called RTX Video Super Resolution that can improve the quality of old web videos using consumer-grade gaming PCs that have an RTX 30- or 40-series card. Continue Reading →
The Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) will begin their contract negotiations on March 20. According to the WGA's Pattern of Demands (unveiled yesterday), the Guild is looking to "regulate use of material produced using artificial intelligence or similar technologies." Continue Reading →

Now It’s a Party!

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the company (formerly known as Facebook) is jumping into the generative AI game with its own large language model, LLaMA (Large Language Model Meta AI): a state-of-the-art foundational large language model designed to help researchers advance their work in this subfield of AI. Continue Reading →
Gold Metallic Mad Scientist
Unlike existing, but newly popular, artificial intelligence (AI) systems which are designed to perform specific tasks such as image recognition, speech recognition, and natural language processing, artificial general intelligence (AGI) systems will be super-AI systems that will be able to learn anything and perform intellectual tasks at a level of expertise comparable to or exceeding that of human beings. Continue Reading →

Chinese AI Chasing OpenAI

Chinese AI Chasing OpenAI
I've just finished reading (yet another) article about OpenAI's dominance in conversational AI and how Chinese companies are frantically trying to catch up. I'm not sure why reporters are making such a big deal about who is ahead today; this is an arms race and – on any given day – someone, somewhere will have a temporary advantage. Continue Reading →

Web3 & The Metaverse

I'm proud to announce a brand new free course, Metacademy: Web3 & The Metaverse, where you'll learn to navigate this new terrain and leverage it for your business. Continue Reading →

When Will ChatGPT Be Over?

For the past two months, ChatGPT has been the most popular topic in my inbox. I am now sure that conversational AI is going to be as big as email — and maybe even bigger. Continue Reading →

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