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MusiKube’s Mobile Music Search


There are many interesting approaches to digital rights management (DRM).  Almost all of them require the use of a technology to identify a piece of intellectual property (IP) and another piece of technology to recognize its identity.  There are several ways to do this if you have the luxury of encoding the original master with […]


Tech Firms Want New FCC Box Rule


This article by Ted Hearn was passed around my group today.  I know there is a consumer advocate in here somewhere …   An array of technology firms, including major computer and TV-set manufacturers, is pressing federal regulators to enforce new set-top-box rules against the cable industry. Cable operators are resisting implementation of a Federal […]


Watchout for Sony … they’re gonna get it right!


One of my favorite PowerPoint slides shows a picture of an iPod with a simple question under it: “Why is the number one personal music device made by a computer company?”  Up to now, the answer was pretty simple — the electronics and intellectual property sides of Sony simply couldn’t get it together.  While they […]

Sirius XM

XM Pricing Strategy … Up, Up, Up!


On April 2, 2005 XM will increase their monthly subscription fee by 23%.  Their, very matter of fact, letter states that they have made “dramatic improvements” to their channel lineup.  These improvements include 50 new channels, like: ACC, PAC-10, and Big Ten college football and basketball and traffic and weather channels covering 21 markets.  Will […]


Vimeo – a video aggregation site


Video, video, video.  Everyone is shooting, everyone is editing, everyone is encoding — there must be billions of hours of video sitting on shelves and lying around on file servers worldwide.  This plethora of sight, sound and motion presents both an opportunity and a challenge.  Is XML the answer?  How do you meta-tag?  Who has […]

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