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Pam Anderson

Pam Anderson’s Blog???


Mike Shields writes for MediaWeek:   Fox is hoping that Pamela Anderson’s blog will drive viewers to her new star-vehicle, Stacked. Fox is promoting Stacked, which premieres on Wednesday April 13, through Friendster Blogs, a free weblogging service hosted by popular social-networking site Friendster. Along with Anderson, thirty members of Stacked’s cast and crew have […]


You’ve Got Phone! AOL Offers VoIP


As my favorite ancient Chinese author once said, “Know thine customer as thyself.” OK, Sun Tsu really didn’t say that, he was talking about his enemy and the art of war. But if he worked in the advanced media business today, he would be scratching his head about AOL’s new VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) […]

E! Entertainment

E! Entertainment Ratings Solution


There’s a fascinating article on medialifemagazine.com about E! Entertainment television and how its audience is in a ratings free-fall.  It is interesting reading and Keven Downey’s assessment of their problems is thoughtful.  However, the article is actually pointing a large, bold arrow at a paradigm shift more than describing E!’s problem.   E! informs, enlightens […]

Peter Jennings

Peter Jennings


Every once in a while you get an email that needs no explanation or commentary:   From: Peter Jennings To: ABC News Staffers Dear All – Forgive me the group mailing – but it seems the easiest way to tell a lot of people I care for ….. about a change in my life. I […]


Justice For Grokster


According to people who are in the know, the Supreme Court may be thinking about sending the Grokster case back a lower court as opposed to rendering a decision on the legality of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks in general.  If that occurs, Grokster’s business model will go on trial instead of the much larger issue of […]

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