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Orphan Works – the Copyright Office Needs You!


I spend a great deal of time talking and writing about copyright law, digital rights management and piracy.  And, I always close my articles with a plea for you to contact your elected officials and voice your opinions.  As it turns out, the Copyright Office is interested in your views directly on the issue of […]

Video OnDemand

IPTV Revenue Predictions or Hype


A recent article on Techweb.com reports:   Revenues from video, which includes Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and video on demand (VOD), music downloads, games, gambling and adult entertainment are expected to increase to $36 billion in 2009 from $12.3 billion last year, telecom analyst firm RHK said. This year, online entertainment is expected to reach […]


A Fight Over The Broadcast Flag


From the AP:   WASHINGTON – A U.S. appeals panel challenged new federal rules requiring certain video devices to have technology to prevent copying digital television programs and distributing them over the Internet. U.S. Circuit Judge Harry T. Edwards told the Federal Communications Commission it “crossed the line” requiring the new anti-piracy technology in next-generation […]

Bert and Ernie

V Cast Killer App … Bert and Ernie!


A wonderful comment from Paul Marcum, VP/GM Interactive Media Group at Sesame Workshop:  Hey Shelly! You missed at least one V Cast killer app — programming that doesn’t need to be hi-res, is easily differentiated, completely enjoyable in short form, whose content can be location/context sensitive (numbers at the bank, letters at the mall, healthy […]

Steve Ballmer

Viva La IPTV!, says MS topper to the French


Greg Levine reports: No “freedom fries” here: For all the excesses of the supposed Franco-American rift of late, at least two entities are overcoming the transatlantic gap. Microsoft and French electronics giant Alcatel inked a deal to market their Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) solution to global broadband purveyors around the world.   The Yank software […]

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