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Watchout for Sony … they’re gonna get it right!


One of my favorite PowerPoint slides shows a picture of an iPod with a simple question under it: “Why is the number one personal music device made by a computer company?”  Up to now, the answer was pretty simple — the electronics and intellectual property sides of Sony simply couldn’t get it together.  While they […]

Sirius XM

XM Pricing Strategy … Up, Up, Up!


On April 2, 2005 XM will increase their monthly subscription fee by 23%.  Their, very matter of fact, letter states that they have made “dramatic improvements” to their channel lineup.  These improvements include 50 new channels, like: ACC, PAC-10, and Big Ten college football and basketball and traffic and weather channels covering 21 markets.  Will […]


Vimeo – a video aggregation site


Video, video, video.  Everyone is shooting, everyone is editing, everyone is encoding — there must be billions of hours of video sitting on shelves and lying around on file servers worldwide.  This plethora of sight, sound and motion presents both an opportunity and a challenge.  Is XML the answer?  How do you meta-tag?  Who has […]


VC’s Think File Sharing Is Cool


Tim Halle, our Technology Subcommittee Chair, send me a .pdf copy of the Brief of the National Venture Capital Association as Amicus Curiae in support of Respondents in the very important, METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER STUDIOS INC., ET AL., Petitioners, v. GROKSTER, LTD., ET AL., Respondents. Download amicusbrief.pdf   Tim thought that I would be surprised that the […]


Orphan Works – the Copyright Office Needs You!


I spend a great deal of time talking and writing about copyright law, digital rights management and piracy.  And, I always close my articles with a plea for you to contact your elected officials and voice your opinions.  As it turns out, the Copyright Office is interested in your views directly on the issue of […]

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